About Us

Endeavour Solar, a privately held company with a team that boasts over three decades of combined experience in the energy efficiency sector. We possess an intimate understanding of the nuances of the Australian energy landscape. Our mission is to introduce high-quality, economically viable products to the marketplace, enhancing energy efficiency in both residential and commercial settings. We are eager to guide you toward realizing your energy conservation objectives and contributing to a greener planet.

Our Team

Mustafiz Rahman


Asheq Maleque

Director (Operations)

Alaa Alsalman

Director (Electrical & HVAC Supervisor)

Steve Hodgkins

General Manager

Mohammad Shahid Uddin

State Operations Manager

Shams Rahman

Media and Communications Specialist

Dianne Josephine Maneja

Customer Service Specialist

MD Ziaur Rabbi Sakil

Call Centre Manager

Ashraf Bari

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our Partners