Endeavour Solar successfully completed the installation of a cutting-edge solar energy system at a residential property. This project featured the deployment of a Sungrow SG8.0RS inverter paired with 24 Jinko JKM4400n-54HIL4R-V panels. The installation underscores our commitment to providing sustainable and efficient energy solutions for our clients.

Project Scope:

  • System Design and Planning: Conducted an in-depth site assessment to design a bespoke solar solution tailored to the homeowner’s energy needs.
  • Installation: Executed the installation of 24 Jinko JKM4400n-54HIL4R-V solar panels and integrated them with the Sungrow SG8.0RS inverter.
  • Testing and Commissioning: Performed comprehensive testing to ensure the system’s optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Client Handover and Training: Provided detailed training to the homeowner on system operation and maintenance.


Technical Specifications:

Solar Panels: Jinko JKM4400n-54HIL4R-V

    • Total Number of Panels: 24
    • Total Capacity: 10.56 kW

Inverter: Sungrow SG8.0RS

    • Maximum Output Power: 8 kW
    • Efficiency: 98.5%


Client Benefits:

  • Energy Savings: The homeowner will benefit from significant reductions in electricity bills due to the highly efficient solar power system.
  • Environmental Impact: The solar installation supports environmental sustainability by reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources.
  • Property Value: The integration of a high-performance solar energy system enhances the property’s overall value.

Client Feedback:

The homeowner expressed high satisfaction with the project’s outcome, highlighting the professionalism and expertise of the Endeavour Solar team. They particularly appreciated the comprehensive training and seamless installation process.



The project was completed successfully, fulfilling all the client’s expectations and reinforcing Endeavour Solar’s reputation for delivering top-tier solar energy solutions. We are proud to have facilitated the homeowner’s transition to sustainable energy and look forward to supporting their future energy requirements.