All-In-One Heat Pump

220L, 270L AND NEW 320L

The Emerald All-In-One Heat Pump offers a stylish design and significant cost savings for your hot water needs. With its compact form, it seamlessly fits into any residential setting.

Optional built-in electric heater

Available with an optional built-in backup electric heater.

Compact stylish design​

Features high-efficiency DC inverter technology that minimises noise for a quieter operation.

Wi-Fi enabled​

Wi-Fi enabled models can be easily connected to the Emerald app for smart control via mobile phone.


  • 5 years on the tank
  • 5 years pump unit
  • 2 years labour warranty
*Subject to terms and conditions.


Integrated Efficiency: The Refrigerant Cycling Heat Pump (200L and 300L) integrates the heat exchanger into the water tank, minimizing energy loss during heat transfer. It ensures effective operation even in lower outdoor temperatures, maximizing energy efficiency.

Flexible Options: Both models of the Refrigerant Cycling Heat Pump offer flexibility with optional built-in electric heaters, providing additional heating options as needed. The tank’s blue diamond enamel surface promotes cleanliness, reducing dust adherence for long-lasting performance.

Split-Type Versatility: Emerald Energy specializes in split-type heat pump systems, offering versatile solutions for residential heating and hot water needs. With optional built-in electric heaters available, customers can tailor their system to suit their specific requirements, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.

Smart Connectivity: Wi-Fi-enabled models of the All-In-One Heat Pump allow for smart control via the Emerald app, offering convenient temperature management from anywhere using a mobile phone. With warranties covering both tank and pump unit, Emerald Energy prioritizes quality and reliability, backed by years of experience as an Australian-owned manufacturer since 2006.

Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Smart

Upgrade to the Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump and experience efficient, sustainable, and intelligent water heating. Designed to revolutionize water heating, this innovative system combines cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  1. Energy Savings: Reduce energy costs by 70% compared to conventional heaters.
  2. Carbon Reduction: Combat climate change with an annual carbon reduction rating of 3 tonnes.
  3. Smart Monitoring: Control energy consumption and optimize efficiency with the smart touch screen controller.
  4. Dual Heating Technology: Enjoy hot water up to 70°C using both heat pump and electric element.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Uses R290 natural refrigerant with zero global warming potential.
  6. Peace of Mind: Backed by a 6-year warranty.

Learn more at Apricus Australia. 🌿💧

Apricus All-In-One Heat Pump

SLA All-in-1 Heatpump

Innovative Efficiency: Smart Life Australia integrates advanced engineering and digital connectivity to pioneer energy-efficient heating solutions for residential and commercial spaces, revolutionizing traditional heating technology.

Hybrid Comfort: The All in 1 heat pump combines a heat pump with an E-heater in Hybrid Mode, ensuring optimal efficiency and comfort by synchronizing their operations to achieve precise temperature control while minimizing energy consumption.

Environmental Responsibility: Smart Life Australia’s heat pumps use eco-friendly R410a refrigerant, prioritizing environmental stewardship by safeguarding the ozone layer while delivering efficient heating solutions.

Personalized Control and Assurance: Featuring individual temperature control and a 7-year product warranty, Smart Life Australia’s heat pumps offer customized comfort and added assurance to customers, leading to significant savings on heating and cooling expenses.

Efficient Comfort for All Seasons

Versatile Performance: Midea’s split-type heat pumps offer both heating and cooling capabilities, providing year-round comfort efficiently. Operating on the heat pump principle, they transfer thermal energy between indoor and outdoor units, utilizing eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

M-Therma Innovation: The M-Therma series combines inverter-type outdoor units with indoor water or freon units, ensuring indoor comfort while also providing sanitary hot water. Featuring a sleek modern design, these heat pumps seamlessly integrate into any space, offering versatile functionality.

High Seasonal Efficiency: Midea’s split-type heat pumps prioritize energy efficiency, boasting high seasonal efficiency ratings. With features like an energy usage monitor and holiday mode accessible through the app, users can optimize energy consumption, promoting sustainability and cost savings.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Designed for minimal disruption, Midea’s split-type heat pumps operate quietly, with outdoor units producing less than 59 dB (for models with 4 to 10 kW capacity) and less than 65 dB (for models with 12 to 14 kW capacity) of noise. This ensures a peaceful environment without compromising performance.


Midea Split-type Heatpump