Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning are a great solution to battle both the hot and cold months in Australia, and getting a high quality energy efficient model will save you money in the long run.

ERS Tech Split AC

Company Overview: ERS TECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, established in 2020, specializes in energy update products from China at factory prices with local service1. They have been focusing on the Australian market for 8 years and have two local warehouses in MEL and NSW.

Product Features: Their air conditioning systems feature all DC inverter technology for improved compressor efficiency, sensorless control technology for lower noise and vibration, and a wide operating temperature range suitable for Australian conditions.

Environmental Consideration: The use of R410a refrigerant, which is eco-friendly and does not deplete the ozone layer, is highlighted as a key feature of their air conditioning systems.

Customer Convenience: ERS Technology offers individual temperature control for each room, allowing users to set their preferred temperature without affecting others, leading to potential savings on heating and cooling bills. They also provide a 7-year product warranty for added customer assurance.

What are Ducted Aircon Systems?

Ducted AC systems remain concealed in the roof, using discreet grilles to distribute air, making them ideal for homes with ample ceiling space. They focus on whole-home comfort with zoned airflow control. These systems don’t allow individual room temperature control, catering to specific needs.


ERS Tech Split-Type Air Conditioning System

Midea Split AC

Midea Air Conditioning Systems: Established in 2020, Midea specializes in energy-efficient air conditioning products sourced from China. With a focus on the Australian market, they offer factory-priced solutions with local service. Over the past 8 years, Midea has built a strong presence, operating from two local warehouses in Melbourne (MEL) and New South Wales (NSW).

Product Features: Midea’s air conditioning systems feature advanced DC inverter technology for optimized compressor efficiency and energy savings. Sensorless control technology ensures quieter operation, prioritizing noise and vibration reduction, while wide operating temperature range ensures efficiency in diverse Australian climates.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Midea emphasizes environmental responsibility by using R410a refrigerant. This choice is eco-friendly and does not harm the.

Individual Temperature Control: Midea’s systems allow room-specific temperature adjustments. Users can set their preferred comfort levels without affecting other areas, potentially leading to energy savings.

7-Year Product Warranty: Midea stands behind their products with a generous 7-year warranty, providing customers with peace of mind.

What is Split Type Air Conditioning?

A split air conditioner has two main parts: the indoor unit, which cools the air with an evaporator coil and blower fan, and the outdoor unit, containing the compressor and condenser coil. It requires no ductwork, offers individual temperature control, and allows for easy expansion with additional indoor units.


Midea Multi-split AC